“I came up with the idea of Reversibility because I really wanted to love and use the clothing I own. There is something about owning a quality, classic piece that you can wear for years. I don’t want to be a slave to consumerism and feel like I need a new dress for every occasion. Reversibility is for woman who want to simplify, embrace their own classic style and own clothing that’s versatile – essentially, wearing what’s right for you and being happy about it.”

– Catherine Petrosino

Reversibility is about simplifying. Each semi-custom piece is designed with built-in flexibility so your style choices become easier. Dress it up, dress it down, wear it inside out, back to front–and most of all wear it over and over again, with confidence.

Each piece is created for you individually using quality materials. Catherine works with your personal style helping you to choose the right colors, prints and achieve the perfect fit. It’s when a piece is right for you that you feel confident and know you look great.

It’s all about classic styles, beautiful fabrics and great fit– clothing you can wear for years.

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