Learn to sew in 2021!

Happy students = a happy teacher! These ladies joined me this morning to learn how to sew and left with the knowledge on how to use their sewing machines along with a beautiful handmade tote bag!

Sewing takes patience and practice. Once you understand the nuisances of using your sewing machine, you will no longer be frustrated with losing your thread or not having it sew a proper stitch. Just like a snowflake, each sewing machine is different as every manufacturer has technology that is unique to their brand. I have even found that each machine may have it’s own personality and at times will do something like reject a particular brand of thread. With that said, if you have been neglecting that sewing machine that is sitting in a box at home because you “tried it once and it didn’t work”, then it’s time to revisit it. Register for a class and learn the proper way to use your machine, so that you can get your creativity flowing and starting creating in 2021.