My philosophy is to teach at a pace that is conducive for the student to develop a strong foundation in the art of sewing. In my Beginner Class, the first steps are to understand how to operate your sewing machine and learn the basics about fabric, pinning, and cutting. These are important components that carry through to all of your future sewing projects. As you progress, you build on your sewing skills in each project by learning new techniques.

In my classes, I share my industry knowledge and passion for sewing beautiful clothes in ways that an instruction sheet won’t give you. As a pattern maker, I am able to guide my students to understanding how sewing patterns can be adjusted for a proper fit.

Learning to sew takes time and patience, but the rewards of creativity are endless.

A little bit about my background:

I studied pattern making at F.I.T. and started my career in fashion as a pattern maker, then went into technical design. My side gig was making custom made clothes for my clients from the time I started sewing. I founded Brooklyn Stitchery in 2013, when I decided it was time to share my knowledge and passion with the world. Teaching brings me joy.